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Hello there!


We are Katerina & Thanos, two creative people who decided to put their art in image. We both love to tell stories. Thanos is a director in theatre and Katerina is an actress. So, storytellers who are always curious to hear about a human experience. Every little detail of your story can be put in our frame and emerge your unique moments.


This is what we take out of you, the MOMENTUM of your day’s little gestures and sighs.


We are travel enthusiasts, we are explorers, we love impulsive people.


We would love to hear from you, what is your favourite time of the day, what you like to do together, what are your colour tones, anything that would put our curiosity forth to tell your unique story.


We are focused on the documentation of weddings, elopements, christenings, new born adventurers.


Live in Thessaloniki - Greece, always with our stuff packed to SHOOT YOUR MOMENT wherever you invite us!

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